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#TeachersMatter promotion

About our #TeachersMatter Award:

Every year, Child Care Counts looks forward to rewarding one exceptional early learning teacher, in the greater DC metro area, for their unwavering dedication to the profession. We look for someone whose passion for teaching and nurturing young minds is demonstrated by each interaction with their students.


Although we choose only one teacher each year, our goal is to inspire ALL early learning teachers and make it known that their dedication to providing a safe and nurturing  learning environment for each child is seen and valued.  

Parents:  Want to make sure you don't miss our next nomination cycle?  Sign up for our email list for notifications so you can tell us what makes your child's early learning teacher so special!


Mideccy Ruiz!!

​Child Care Counts'
2023 #TeachersMatter

2023 #TeachersMatter Awardee

Past Awardees:

2022 #TeachersMatter Awardee

2022 Award Winner: Kathleen Peter of Wee Friends Daycare

2019 #TeachersMatter Awardee

2019 Award Winner: Belinda Wilson at Young Israel Shomrai Emunah Nursery School

2021 #TeachersMatter Awardee

2021 Award Winner: Lakisha Tibbs at Intelligent Minds Early Childhood FCC

2018 #TeachersMatter Awardee

2018 Award Winner: Gale Quispe at Happy Tots

2020 #TeachersMatter Awardee

2020 Award Winner: Liza Pringle at Wonders Early Learning and Extended Day

2017 #TeachersMatter Awardee

2017 Award Winner:  Azin Tajdar at Kids and Tots

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